Springbrook Poodles


"Hi Terri!!! Raylan is doing just great!!! 

We love him so very much! He's soooo much fun to play with and cuddle with too! He's a total people puppy!!!  Thought you might like this photo I took this morning. He was getting ready to chase me...
Thank you, Terri! He's just perfect!!! He's the perfect addition to our family!!!
Oh that's great! That's exactly what I've been doing...no accidents yet!!! He's such a good boy! The vet absolutely said he was Perfect!
He already loves all 3 of us!!! He sleeps right in my arms."

"Hi Terri!!!  Just a quick question about Raylan's size!  He's growing tall quickly!!!  We adore him and he could be a standard size and we wouldn't care, but I'm wondering how tall his dad is???  He's bigger already than my other 2 miniatures!   He's such a lover!!!  He loves us all so much and we love him back!!!  So I'm just curious!!!  Hope all is well with you!  Happy Saturday!!! 

 Here's a new shot!   He loves my ottoman!!!  Lisa